Who We Are

Since 1999 Visual Trading Systems’ VT Spot™ system has been the Spot FX & CFD trading platform of choice for nearly ONE MILLION traders around the globe.  VT Spot provides traders with hyper-realtime pricing, advanced technical analysis, and simple to use automated strategies.  Our years of experience, perseverance, and history of innovation is unmatched in the retail forex industry.


Our Platform

Our flagship products, VT Spot™, and its primary front-end application VT Trader™, have undergone significant advancements in the areas of reliable high frequency trading and rule based Straight-Through Processing (STP), as well as liquidity aggregation, algorithmic trading, technical and fundamental analysis tools, and aids.

The Vision

Traders are re-discovering how the technical analysis tools and easy-to-build algos of the VT Spot™ platform are helping them be inside the market. And brokerage firms can pick and choose which nodes of our system to deploy; just the VT Spot™ platform as an alternative to MT4, or a full mission-critical system upon which to build their business.