The global leaders in the Margin Trading Products industry have adopted a new paradigm.


Direct B2C sales → Capture & Convert → Real-Time Risk Analytics

The future of Margin Trading Products is bright for those Brokers adapting to the new paradigm. The traditional introducing-broker sales channel has proven to be a high-maintenance and high-risk path to revenues. Revenue share deals cost Brokers up to 60% of revenues, IB’s change allegiances daily, and increasing regulation means Brokers are liable for IB’s marketing tactics. The fastest growing Brokers are moving away from IB sales channels to Direct B2C marketing activities.

Fast-growing Brokers know that even a small increase in the percentage of prospects you convert to clients has a leveraged effect on your net income. And research shows the faster a company can get that prospect into the Onboarding process, the more likely the prospect is to start that process. So once you have attracted that prospective client to your website you need to Onboard that prospect and turn them into a client quickly. Visual Trading Systems’ cAxis Platform is a client portal that was build using proven “capture & convert” techniques to walk your prospect through the Onboarding process.

No other industry has as much at stake in evaluating a client properly right away. Most industries focus on high volume sales of low-margin products. But Margin Trading Products Brokers have much more at stake. Properly classifying the risk profile of a client can turn that client into a massively profitable client, or can shutdown your business if you get it wrong. So Visual trading Systems has created INSIGHT. Our all-encompassing database and Business Intelligence platform.


Visual Trading Systems Compliments Your Existing Platforms.

Visual Trading’s VT Spot, VT Free, cAxis, and INSIGHT platforms integrate with your existing trading technologies and platforms. Our trading platforms connect to all the major execution engines (oneZero, PrimeXM, Gold-i, Currenex, Tools4Brokers, etc), and run side-by-side with your existing trading platforms. Our client portal integrates with our own VT Spot platforms (downloadable & mobile), and the MetaQuotes platforms for account creation, deposits/withdrawals, and reporting. And INSIGHT can pull trading information from whichever platforms you run for a comprehensive analysis of each and every one of your clients order flow.


Add our entire package or piece together any missing tool into your current environment seamlessly with our complimentary software below.


Risk Management Tools

Managing your book of business has become increasingly difficult for brokerages. We developed the Risk Management tools to be the backbone of VT Spot allowing you to analyze, monitor and report risk in a simplistic manner. Monitor multiple books and view your brokerage net revenue at a glance.


Business Intelligence 

Our modular ecosystem was designed to compliment brokerages who currently have existing platforms. Utilize our Business Intelligence platform INSIGHT which pulls data from your trading platforms, bridge provider and your client back office system. With INSIGHT, brokerages better monitor their client trading activity with real-time reporting, risk management, and client statements. All this data is readily available and can be formatted to fit your brokerages regulatory reporting requirements.

Compliment Your Existing Platforms


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