About VT Systems

Visual Trading Systems, Inc. is a part of the WSM Group a family of companies focused on development and distribution of technology solutions for the capital and commodity markets around the globe. WSM Group’s broad clientele includes financial institutions, natural persons, and legal entities around the globe. Visual Trading Systems, LLC continues to enhance the development of the revolutionary business solution for brokers of FX & CFD products, VT Spot™. VT Spot™ is the technological backbone of services to the WSM Group’s capital and commodities markets activities. Visual Trading Systems, LLC offers VT Spot™ either as a feature-rich yet lightweight Trade Terminal that easily connects to most trade servers, or as a full front-to-back trading platform for your brokerage, including Maker & Taker & Reporting APIs, a dedicated, stable Trade Server, Business Intelligence reporting, customizable reporting options.


VT Systems’ infrastructure allows for a wide choice of low-latency connections to other market participants. Our servers are currently in London, UK; New Jersey, USA; Virginia, USA. Our infrastructure architecture gives us direct connectivity to the major maker and taker platforms in the industry, plus a global processor routing system to balance load shifts in hyper-real-time.

Information Security

Information security is top priority. Your firm’s information is a large piece of your balance sheet. VT Systems uses proprietary security tools in our hardware & software when executing your transactions, storing & analyzing your data, and transmitting your data.

Database Architecture

VT Systems’ database architecture is designed to adapt and grow with the escalating demand of increasing client loads, new Maker & Taker connections, and front end platforms.  Additionally, regulators around the globe are requiring more analyzed information from brokerage firms.  With this in mind, our modern reporting tools allow brokers to customize their reporting to clients, their internal management reporting, and regulatory reporting.   

VT Spot is developed by Traders, for Traders.

Our development and support teams are based in New York, with team members in London, Prague, and St. Petersburg. Our diverse cultures and experiences help us make technology solutions with high performance levels and features that solve problems for our brokerage clients and their traders. We recognize that serving one group at the expense of the other does not create a long-term sustainable business model.